Registration flow

We will explain the flow from registration to actually working


STEP1.Tentative registration

Enter the necessary information such as your profile via Web registration and send it. When registering by phone, please contact the nearest head office / branch or sales office.


STEP2.Visit our company / meeting / official registration

Once you have completed tentative registration, you will need to adjust your visit date and visit the company. Please bring your resume, work history and identification documents (driver's license, etc.).

We will also have an interview to explain our system, benefits and support system. We will register you after confirming your past experience and future desires (work location, occupation, hourly wage, etc.)


STEP3.Job introduction

We will find and introduce jobs that meet the desired conditions that you tell us during registration. Even if there is no job that you would like at the moment, we will keep in touch and follow up.


STEP4.Begin work

If there are no problems after confirming the working conditions and job details, an employment contract will be concluded and employment will begin. Once your work begins, you will receive instructions from the company you are dispatched to.



Even after your work has started, your sales representative will visit the company and follow up for you. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries.


STEP6.Contract term ends

We will either have your contract renewed, or introduce you to a new dispatch destination if your current one terminates, taking into consideration your experience / skills, and your future desires.

We will work hard to have a long relationship with all of you

International Work Corporation
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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the nearest branch or sales office.
Hamamatsu office:053-450-4114
Aizu Paid Employment Agency:0242-85-7881