Personnel dispatch business

The staff at International Work are reliable

We select and dispatch the right number of specialists for the proper duration, who have the necessary specialized skills and knowledge when you need them, to help you efficiently manage personnel. Costs such as hiring costs and welfare expenses can be reduced, improving productivity and revitalizing your company.


Merit of dispatch work

Realize internal revitalization

Improve internal operations thanks to new human resources that are ready to contribute right away.

Significantly reduce personnel training expenses

We conduct education and skill improvement at the time of joining the company, so you can reduce your education costs.

Full company satisfaction thanks to appropriate dispatch workers

We can provide human resources that meet your various needs and requirements.

Possible to reduce paperwork

In addition to bonuses and retirement benefits, various benefits can be reduced.

Quick staffing is possible

We can speedily correspond to sudden business occurrences.

Reduce hiring costs and time

Recruitment costs and labor associated with recruiting employees can be reduced.

Strengths of International Work

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Provide immediate contributors

Skills to clear certain standards per job type

Proper work manners

Pre-dispatch training is provided, so you can rest assured that our employees have the proper basic business manners and attitudes.

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Full support system

Various internal and external educational systems are available to improve staff skills. We provide various types of support in order to nurture highly skilled human resources,

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