What is dispatch work?

Temporary staffing services are convenient services that allow companies to efficiently use necessary human resources only when they need them, and those who work as temporary staff can choose their work according to their lifestyle, such as working hours and place of work. Just registering will not make form an employment relationship, and you will enter into an employment contract with us when you begin working. Benefits such as health insurance can also be provided by our company.

The role of a temporary staffing agency is to provide a reasonable service of matching companies looking for human resources with those looking for work. Only employers who have received permission from the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare or who have submitted a notification can conduct the worker dispatch business.


Dispatch mechanism

The system of dispatching consists of three parts: (1) dispatch company, (2) dispatched employee, and (3) company where the worker is dispatched to.

Unlike full-time employees and part-time workers, temporary employment contracts are not concluded directly with the employing company. You will sign an employment contract with a temporary staffing agency and you will work as a temporary employee at the temporary staffing agency.

The salary is paid by the dispatching company, but the actual work instructions are given by the company you are dispatched to.

Working hours and salary will be negotiated with the dispatching company, and consultations on work contents will be with held with the company you are dispatched to.


Merit of working as dispatch worker


You can choose to accommodate your lifestyle

For example, you can choose a job that suits your lifestyle, such as choosing a job with short working hours because your child is still small, or choosing a job that allows a housewife to take advantage of her free time.

Make full use of your career

We will introduce jobs where you can utilize your skills and career

workplaces and improve your skills

The merit of temporary staffing is gaining experience in various companies and workplaces. For those who want to step up further, this work style is optimal.

How do you register?

First select “Registration flow” from the button below. Then, proceed to “Temporarily register as staff online”.